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Axion® Lemon-Lime rips away the most stubborn grease while providing a pleasant citrus scent.

Axion® Lime-Lemon removes the grease stuck on your dishes while leaving a pleasant citrus aroma.

  • 100% effective grease stripper.
  • Deep cleaning.

How to use Axion® Lime Lemon?

How to use Axion® Lime Lemon

Concentrated use in paste:

Apply Axion® Lemon Lime with a sponge on your dishes and kitchen utensils to easily remove stubborn grease; scrub and rinse.


Frequently Asked Questions

Axion® Lime Lemon

Where can I buy it?

Get it at your nearest store.

Is Axion® only for dish washing?

The powerful formula of Axion® was designed to remove the grease stuck on your dishes, pots, pans and plastic containers. You can also use it to clean other areas of your kitchen.


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